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It’s All About Love… Myth or Reality?

Posted by mopsky on May 12, 2007

When we talk about love and relationship, there are many ideas that can be attached to these kinds of topics. Most of the concepts learned are based on the experiences of other people. But do these ideas really exist in real life? Or there are those that can be considered as a myth in the aspect of relationship?

Let us look at some of the ideas and concepts about love and relationship and evaluate whether they are real or just a mere myth.

“All we need is love.” This is a common idea that we can hear from most people. “All we need is love.” Myth or Reality? There is a famous quote that says, “Love conquers all.” And this can be the bases of the “all we need is love” concept. Other people believe that love is all they need for a relationship to survive. In movies, this can be true. But in reality, it is not always that easy. Making a relationship work takes a lot of effort and understanding for both parties. There should also the presence of trust and commitment. Despite of the “love” factor, it is not easy to maintain a certain relationship. Other factors aside from love should take part in making a relationship work. So the statement “All we need is love” is just a myth. Read the rest of this entry »

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